Nitto Technology

Manufacturing process

Incoming Incoming is a step to monitor delivered materials before polishing process.
Shaping glass We apply the shaping process to the incoming materials and fabricate them into various shapes according to customer requests.
Glass shape fabrication process includes surface grinding, edging, cutting, shape polishing, as well as fabricating into oriental flat shape, track shape, etc. We can also accept custom orders from an order of one piece to small or large lot production.
Incoming Shaping glass
Polishing By running large-size polishers, we polish for one-piece orders as well as mass orders larger than 1 million piece per month.
Our technology enables polishing of product surface to a difference of up to 1 angstrom of surface roughness. Our proprietary polishers designed in house can handle small to large size products. Using polishing equipment from a dimension of min. 6B (inch) to max. 50B (inch), we can process products in the diameter range of 3φ (mm) to 2100φ (mm). We own a total of more than 200 double-side polishers within the entire company group. Our previous processing knowledge and experience will assure our ability to satisfy individual customer requests, supplying for one to more than 1 million pieces per month.
Polishing Polishing
Washing/Cleaning Cleaning with highly purified water
We have a cleaning system configured for both scrub-washing method and soak-washing method, and cleaning is automated to operate washing for each lot. Inside the cleaning system is a cleanline of Class 10 or better environment. We use ultra pure water of more than 18M ohm-centimeters for washing, and employ a drying method with heated purified water instead of organic solvent, etc. for environmental reasons.
Washing/Cleaning Washing/Cleaning
Inspection Visual inspection is performed in a Class 100 cleanroom.
Even if we achieve the best accuracy of one angstrom level in the polishing process and carefully clean the product with high quality purified water, it would not mean anything if the product is damaged in subsequent steps. Process to perform the final check of product quality, inspection process, is operated in a Class 100 cleanroom environment with the supply designed to have vertical inflow of filtered air. After the precision cleaning process, this environment provides the most optimal environment for product inspection, enabling us to distinguish the difference between defects and dust particles.

Cleanliness of Class 100
Class 100 is an atmospheric environment which contains fewer than 100 particles of 0.5 microns (0.0005mm) in a diameter per cubic foot of air (approximately 30 cubic centimeter) or larger particles.
Inspection Inspection
Shipment We use containers and shipping boxes specially designed for each product for delivery.