Company Profile

Company Name Nitto Co., Ltd.
Established December 1, 1943 (Initially founded: 1877)
Capital 48 million yen
Representative Keiichiro Maki, President and Chief Executive Officer
Total employees 250
Business/Products High-precision surface polishing, Edge cutting, Chamfering
Glass substrate for liquid crystal display
Glass substrate for photomask
Filter glass
Specialty glass, ceramics, metals, plastics, and special resin, etc.
Locations 2-2 Yaemori Ooaza,Suzaka City,Nagano,382-0051,Japan
38-1 Gokan Ooaza,Suzaka City,Nagano,382-0053,Japan
256-2 Takanashi Ooaza,Suzaka City,Nagano,382-0054,Japan
350 Suzaka Ooaza,Suzaka City,Nagano,382-0087,Japan
119-2 Siono Kogyo-Danchi,Shiono Ooaza,Suzaka City,Nagano,382-0024,Japan
Correspondent banks Hachijyuni Bank - Suzaka Branch
Finance Corporation for Small and Medium Enterprises - Matsumoto Branch